Teresa Borden

Teresa Borden


Email is best (I check it daily,) but if you need to phone me, please call 530-327-7057 (after Dec 21, 2018.) I never check the college voice mail number on the left (and would delete it from this page, if I could!)


1. Span 1A, Section 2012 and Span 1B, Section 3484 are both offered as totally online 5-unit classes for Spring 2019. Expect to commit to at least FIFTEEN hours a week of learning and studying to be successful. Both classes will be taught in Canvas, the Learning Management System used for online courses at Columbia College.

2. You can see the syllabi for Span 1A and Span 1B under Downloads on the left.

4. You MUST buy an access code for the E-text, Portales, where you will complete your learning activities. See your options for buying directly from the publisher at the link on the left under Resources. You will first have to register with VHL (and will use the same name and password to later log in to complete activities in Portales) before you see your options. 

You will have options for access code only or access code with a loose-leaf text. You DO NOT need a paper text but some people like to have one. There are two textbooks on reserve in the Columbia College library for student use and Portales includes an eCompanion or e-text, which is exactly the same as the paper text. If you plan to take Span 1B in the spring of 2020, the 24-month access code will be most cost-effective. If you only plan to take Span 1A or Span 1B in Spring 2019, the 6-month access code will be sufficient.


1. I will send an email to all registered and wait-listed students about a week before class begins with important information. All email communication is sent to students' YCCD student email accounts, so be sure to have that set up! Take a look at this page on how to set up your student email. 

2. If you would like some orientation or help with navigating our course in Canvas, drop in to the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) on the Columbia College campus any time during the semester but especially the first week of classes. 

Check this page for ITC information and more online resources for students.The ITC is located in Tamarack Hall (Library building) in room 134. 

Also, as noted in the Syllabus, I will be conducting a live orientation online via ConferZoom the first Wednesday (Span 1B) or Thursday (Span 1A) of the semester at 7 p.m. You will find more details in the Orientation Module for our classes in Canvas. Bring your questions and let's get to know each other!


I first learned Spanish in Mexico many years ago and, later on in life, decided to pursue a BA and teaching credential at CSU, Chico. I taught high school Spanish for several years before beginning to teach Spanish at Columbia College in 2003. I've been teaching Spanish online since 2009 and also work with the Online Education Initiative as an online course reviewer, mentor online instructors in an online teaching certificate program for @One, and score Spanish exams for an educational testing company. I am passionate about language and quality online learning!

I am moving from Mokelumne Hill to Magalia, CA soon, with my husband, Joe (also known as Jose, el gringo,) our three dogs and one cat. We look forward to living closer to my daughter and grand kids up near Chico. My daughter (who was born in Mexico 35 years ago!) went back to school in her late twenties, graduated from the nursing program at CSU, Chico and, after lots of hard work, is now an RN at a Chico hospital. I am so proud of her! I love to read, write, listen to music, play guitar, watch good films or t.v. programs, cook and travel. 

I look forward to learning about you, what you love to do and what you're passionate about! Hasta luego, Profesora Teresa