Teresa Borden

Teresa Borden


Email is best (I check it daily,) but if you need to phone me, please call 209-286-8018. I never check the college voice mail number on the left (and would delete it from this page, if I could!)


1. Span 1A, Sections 1927 & 1928 are offered as totally online classes in Summer 2015 over two five-week sessions for a total of ten weeks (May 4th--July 9th.)

2. BE AWARE that the Span 1A summer class is a 5-unit, transferrable-level class and we will cover in just TEN weeks what is normally covered in sixteen weeks (Fall/Spring semesters.) Consequently, if you enroll in Span 1A this summer, you can expect to commit at least TWENTY hours a week in order to be successful in the class. My dean (Michael Torok, Dean of Arts andSciences) suggested that I recommend to students to NOT take additional summer classes if they enroll in this Spanish class. However, that is a decision you must make yourself, based on your knowledge of how organized and motivated you are, what your personal schedule will allow, and how dedicated you are to successfully learn Beginning Spanish.

3. Take a look at the Summer Spanish Visual Syllabus posted on the left for course information

4. You MUST buy En linea 3.0, which includes online access plus a paper text. (A used text will not work for this class!) If you decide to buy your textbook directly from the publisher, see the link on the left. BE SURE to order En linea, Vol 1.


1. I will send an email to all registered and wait-listed students about a week before class begins with important information. All email communication is sent to students' YCCD student email accounts, so be sure to have that set up! Click HERE for instructions on how to activate your student email.

2. EARN Extra Credit!  If you attend one of the online orientations on campus on May 1st (at 9, 10 or 11 a.m.) you will earn 10 pts of extra credit. They will take place in the ITC, in Tamarack Hall (Library building) in room 134. After you attend, send me an email or a course mail within Blackboard and I'll apply the extra credit to your Week 1 journal entry

If you cannot attend an orientation (highly recommended!) you can view the online orientation video created by our Distance Education Coordinator, Melissa Colon by clicking HERE. There will be an extra-credit ten-point quiz in Blackboard at the beginning of the summer session based on the online orientation video. NOTE that you can only earn the orientation extra credit once, by either attending an orientation session or completing the quiz.


I graduated from CSU Chico with a BA in Spanish and a minor in Women's Studies in 1999. Since 2000, I've held a Spanish Clear Single-Subject Teaching Credential. After teaching high school for a few years, I began teaching Spanish at Columbia College in 2003. I live in the quaint town of Mokelumne Hill in Calaveras County with my husband, Joe (AKA Jose el gringo,) our three dogs (Trina, Bob & Mishka) and our cat, Fidget.

I am blessed with an amazing daughter (born in Mazatlan, Mexico, 30 years ago) who lives near Chico (with my wonderful son-in-law and their kids) and will graduate this May from the CSU Chico Nursing program. I enjoy visiting with my four lively grandkids, ages 16, 15, 10 1/2 and 9, whenever I can. I am fascinated with language and love teaching. I also love to read, write, cook, walk, watch good movies, listen to music, play guitar and travel.

I look forward to learning about you and what you love to do!