Stephen Bowlus

Stephen Bowlus


I'm Steve Bowlus.  I'm an Adjunct Instructor in chemistry at Columbia College.  I teach fundamentals of chemistry and its laboratory (the fun stuff!).  Come join us to learn why we call chemistry "The Central Science."

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B.S. - Humboldt State College
M.S. - University of Illinois at Urbana
Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Urbana

I spent most of my career as a research scientist in the agricultural chemicals field. I worked as an organic synthesis chemist (my primary training) and formulations chemist before moving into "computational chemistry."  From 1985, I did computational drug design, molecular modeling/theoretical chemistry, molecular simulation (more theory!) and statistics. I worked with synthesis and medicinal chemists, formulations chemists, chemical process engineers, and plant biochemists and agronomists. Yes! Chemistry is "central" to all of this!