Laureen Campana

Laureen Campana

I have been the Coordinator of Health Services / College Nurse Practitioner for Columbia College since 2000.  Overseeing the health care of this college community has been a wonderful experience, one I enjoy every day.  Recently I completed a program in integrative medicine, which reviews all health care options for disease that are evidence based; including herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, mind body medicine (hypnosis, guided relaxations) microbiome support and much more.  This has combined my background as an herbalist and my desire to separate hope from hoax in all remedies offered in the name of health care.

In 1989 I started my Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style practice which I continue to this day.  I am grateful to offer this as a class at Columbia College.

This semester I will teach HPMGT 126 Nutrition for Chefs.  I am very excited to connect with our culinary arts students.  This brings together my lengthy background in nutrition and health with my newly minted fellowship in integrative medicine which was deeply steeped in nutrition and health. I have sought out extra education in nutrition. I have found the incredibly informative annual Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine Nutrition Conference, which strives to bring the latest science based nutrition forward to their participants, as one great source.  Lastly, as an herbalist, I will share what I know about the healing properties of the many culinary herbs we are familiar with and use often.


1982  BSN - California State University, Sacramento 
1987  NP UCLA-Harbor Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Program 
1993  MPH - University of California, Berkeley

2016  Fellow of Integrative Medicine - University of Arizona