Laureen Campana

Laureen Campana

BSN California State University, Sacramento
NP Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Program, Harbor UCLA
MPH University of California, Berkeley
Integrative Medicine Fellowship, University of Arizona, Tucson


Supporting student health has been my main focus while at Columbia College. I am the Coordinator of Health Services.  Students who experience optimal health also experience greater academic success.  Past programs from health services, such as the Wellness Fairs and current programs including Health Campus Healthy You and the Smoking Cessation classes are ways that support our student and campus health.  Look on the Health Services webpage for an exclusive offer for unlimited audio Guided Imagery downloads from Health Journey - Stress relief, Focus and Concentration, Overcome Procrastination and four more!  Perfect for any student who needs a bit of help now and then. 
As the Nurse Practitioner in the Student Health and Wellness Center I care for minor illness and injury on a drop in basis, student physicals by appointment, TB testing, flu vaccine, many over the counter medication such as ibuprofen and antacids. I am board certified in holistic care and have extensive training in integrative medicine and herbal therapies and am glad to offer advice and treatments in these realms.   We also have a dedicated nap room!  Take a rest and be refreshed for your next class.

Call me at 588-5204 for more information about the services offered at the Student Health and Wellness Center in Pinyon Building.
I am also the instructor for HHP 59 Tai Chi and HPMGT 26 Nutrition for Chefs.