Cheryl Divine

Cheryl Divine  MA.

ESL 705 A-E, 606
English 649, 650, 151, 1A, 1B


I have been teaching at Columbia College since September of 1993 where I enjoy teaching all levels of English courses. I previously was the ESL program coordinator for several years when the program was popular, progressive and expansive. I have 22 year old twins who are attending UCSB and Lake Tahoe Community College. I love traveling and have taught English in Morocco, Turkey and Switzerland. My hobbies are dancing Tango, mountain bike riding, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, hiking, kayaking, foil fencing and gardening. I am about to embark on a Phd program in linguistics focusing on Argentinian Lunfardo or perhaps the inculcation of the Latin alphabet into the Turkish culture by Ataturk during his linguistic reformations in the 1930s.