Pam Guerra-Schmidt

Pam Guerra-Schmidt


Welcome! I am in my 21st year as a full-time Professor of Child Development for our district. The first 16 years were at MJC, and I'm in my fifth year, full-time at Columbia College! 

I have two grown children, 33 and 37 years old, and a husband that I celebrated our 41st year anniversary! We have added to our a family a daughter-in-law, seven lovely and fun foster teen and young adult grandchildren, and a fun, curious and very social three-year-old grandson with a never-ending smile and our newest, fun little exploring grandbaby was born this last spring! For me, there isn't any better "job" than being a parent, a grandparent, and being part of my family! Saying that, I absolutely love my job and spend hours each week teaching, grading and interacting with the amazing students in my classes!

Pam's Family picture with husband, daughter, daughter-in-law and four grandteens!

Along with teaching and grading millions of papers, in my downtime, I look forward to camping, daily walks along the river, reading fiction rather than text books, playing the piano and my latest hobby, learning how to play the ukulele! We are a family who loves animals and has two dogs, three cats, and two additional cats we are fostering for our great nieces!  Cheers!  Pam