Isabelle Lacazotte

Isabelle Lacazotte


  •   Bachelor: Documentation and Information Specialist, CNAM  (National Conservatory of Art and Craft), Paris, France, 2004
  •   A.A.: Historic Landmarks Management and Preservation, University of Mont Saint Aignan, France, 2003
  •   A.A.: Cartography and Information Analysis, University of Mont Saint Aignan, France, 1997
  •   Certificate in Business and Accounting , LEP Grand-Quevilly, France, 1987


A little bit of history:

I was born and raised in Normandy, France. My home town is Rouen, a medieval town very well known for its rich history, and especially for the infamous burning of Joan of Arc.
I was lucky to intent University in my home town, where I graduated with two A.A’s,one in in Cartography and Information Analysis, and one in Historical Landmarks Management and Preservation. The second one brought me to discover the behind the scene of wonderful historical sites, open the doors of archives and artifacts that are not accessible to the general public, unveiled the historic artifact restoration processes, and free unlimited access to the most well known French museums.

After my last degree, I moved to the United States in June 2005.

I started working for the Yosemite Community College District in 2006, where I have served MJC as Library Technician before coming to work for the VPI of Columbia College. I am now working as Library Specialist, the Library, here, at Columbia College and I became a US citizen during Fall 2019.

When I am not working, I am enjoying my horses, dogs and cats. I love long walk with my dogs, traveling, horseback riding, and horse training.