Alex Muehldorf

Alex Muehldorf

Welcome to my webpage!

I am an adjunct instructor in chemistry.  I have an enthusiastic interest in the natural sciences, and I have made a career and avocation of practical chemistry. It is my hope and goal to share this sense of beauty in the dance of the molecules with my students.

I have taught laboratories in CHEM 2A, 14 A and B, and CHEM 5.


I was a research chemist in the organic laboratory from 1990 to 2001. My specialty was medicinal chemistry: drug discovery. This involved designing likely molecules to target the chosen receptor or active site. This gave me the opportunity for design and execution of the synthetic pathways for a wide variety of often quite complex molecules. It was a tremendously rewarding activity for me, as I thoroughly enjoyed the laboratory.

As a youngster, I loved making things go whoosh and boom. I learned a tremendous amount of practical chemistry by stressing household, and a few slyly-acquired nonhousehold, materials to the edges of their envelopes. You will directly benefit from the things I learned in a more rational and controlled lab environment!