Twyla Olsen

Twyla Olsen

My experience teaches that the learning environment, in order to have a positive and expansive impact on its members, must support the spirit of inquiry within a context of mutual respect and inclusion. The instructor is responsible for creating such a place, “communitas” by introducing a sense of vitality and positive reinforcement, which might be unfamiliar to some students in previous class settings. In this responsibility, I have the opportunity to model responses to course content and subject matter and invite students to do likewise.

Successful learning environments directly result from an instructor’s own support, collaboration, and commitment to discovery and exploration. It is an enterprise-involving establishment of trust and honesty in an entire group that requires nurturing and careful listening. Lastly, the spark setting the whole process in motion is the instructor’s own desire to be entirely involved, weaving his or her own experiences into the tapestry of learning and into the fabric of a community focused on learning.

Adult learners are goal-oriented and want to know at the outset how new learning will increase their skills and truly benefit them. It is in my role as a trainer or an instructor to guide learners in their integration of new concepts and behaviors with what they already know.

In my off time, I paint and look forward to road trips that broaden my understanding of the world and the various communities that offer a rich experience.  I enjoy concerts, movies, and art gallery visits.