Tamara Oxford

Tamara Oxford  Ph.D., LMFT

I have been providing Mental Health Counseling on campus since 2009 and am now the campus Mental Health Coordinator.  As the Mental Health Coordinator, I offer personal counseling on campus and facilitate programs and resources on mental and emotional health and well-being.  Watch for workshops on Anxiety, Stress Management, and Mindfulness and trainings on Suicide Awareness and Prevention and Mental Health First Aid. I often guest lecture in classrooms to discuss these issues.  
Overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed? Struggling? Feel like you need to talk with someone?  Personal counseling sessions are available to enrolled students for free.
It's easy to schedule an appointment:  Call the Mental Health office at 588-5346; OR call Academic Counseling office (located in Manzanita, phone 588-5109)     The Coordinator of Health Services (in PINYON at 588-5204) can also assist you with personal issues or help you schedule an appointment with me. Office hours vary Monday through Friday.
Make an appointment or drop-in at  the new Student Health and Wellness Center in Pinyon building....It's not a commitment; It's just a conversation!
I am also a member of CCAT, the Columbia College Alert Team and available to students, faculty and staff to discuss incidents and issues regarding students who are in crisis, at-risk or of concern. 
See Something, Say Something, Do Something
Let someone know when you are concerned. It keeps the campus safe for all.



I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) working as a Counselor and Transformational Educator for over 30 years. My personal and professional life has been committed to holistic health and healing, personal growth and transformation.
2004 Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA
1988 M.A. in Psychology,  Sierra University, Los Angeles, CA  
1981 B.A. in English; Minors in Women's Studies and Journalism, UC Riverside, Riverside, CA

Certifications include Mindfulness; Mindful Self Compassion; Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk; DreamTending; Crisis Response Training; Yoga; and Nutrition.