Larry Podolsky

MD.  Larry Podolsky

I have been teaching both on-line courses using the "Blackboard" learning system, for the past 6 years. However, the new “Basic Cardiology and Cardiac Dysrhythmias” on-line course will be offered in "Canvas", starting in the Spring of 2017. The on-line, "Pre-paramedic Training Class”,will be converted to Canvas and offered in the Fall of 2017!

One last thing:  Just so you are aware, single lead and 12 lead ECG interpretation, make up 60% of what you will learn in the "Basic Cardiology" course. This will also, be true when you reach the "Cardiology" section of the "Preparamedic Course"

Any questions, e-mail or call me (home: 209-847-3944)


I was born in Chicago, moved to California in 1957 and to Oakdale in 1966. Went to Oakdale High School, MJC and then Fresno State and then spent the next 8 years going to medical school and specialty training at Northwestern University. Came back to Oakdale and set up a practice in OB/GYN that lasted until 2006 when I retired from medicine after 25 years. Always wanted to teach and through a friend got a “gig” with Columbia College.

I have been married to the same lady for 45 years and have 3 kids; Sara who is an RN in the Oak Valley Hospital ER: Dave who has his own software business in San Diego and Laura, who works for a non-profit organization in Sacramento.