Joseph Ryan

Dr.  Joseph Ryan


Ph. D. Organic Chemistry, June 1994
University of California, Davis, CA

B.S. Biochemistry, May 1988
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

A.A. Liberal Arts, May 1984
Chabot College, Hayward, CA


  • 1993 R. K. Pandey, N. Jagerovic, J. M. Ryan, T. 1. Dougherty and K. M. Smith. Efficient Syntheses of New Classes of Regiochemically Pure Benzoporphyrin Derivatives. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 3:2615.

    1996 R. K. Pandey, N. Jagerovic, J. M. Ryan, T. J. Dougherty and K. M. Smith. Syntheses and Preliminary in vivo Photodynamic Efficacy of Benzoporphyrin Derivatives from Phylloerythrin and Rhodoporphyrin XV Methyl Esters and Aspartyl Amides. Tetrahedron 52:5349.

    K. M. Smith, R. K. Pandey, J. M. Ryan, N. Jagerovic and T. J. Dougherty. Rhodoporphyrin and Phylloerythrin Related Photosensitizes for Photodynamic Therapy. US Patent US 5,506,255. Issued April 9, 1995; Application filed December 1, 1993.