Alison Schult

Alison Schult



My name is Alison "Ali" Schult. I graduated from CSU Fresno with my Education Specialist Credential and my Masters degree in Deaf Education in 2012. My passion for Deaf Education and American Sign Language (ASL) began at Delta College where I enrolled in my first ASL class. I was overcome by the beauty and ease of the language that I understood almost immediately. Since ASL makes use of the visual components of the eyes and tactile muscle memory of the hands, I found myself being able to comprehend everything that the teacher was signing as I could finally watch language come to life. I quickly excelled to the top of my class, earning my way to an externship at the Riverside School for the Deaf. Then I was presented with the opportunity to study abroad in Ghana, West Africa where I worked at the Mampong School for the Deaf. This experience was life-changing and I long to return. 

In my current job in Amador county I serve students from birth to 22-years of age. My days consist of a lot of driving between various school sites and home visits, but the opportunity to work one-on-one with Deaf students has been the most rewarding.  Most of my work centers around teaching the students ASL and self-advocacy skills that they can use in the classroom to help improve the listening environment. 

As you can see, I am very passionate about my field. Currently, the field of Deaf Education is in need of more teachers and interpreters. I hope this class motivates you to work with Deaf adults or Deaf children in some capacity. 

I look forward to being your professor and can't wait to begin signing with all of you.