Meryl Soto

Meryl Soto


My office is listed incorrectly above--correct office address is Cedar 4.


Some people believe that writing is a talent possessed by a select few. I believe that each of us possesses the capacity to write in a way that communicates our ideas effectively and powerfully. Writing is our human birthright, a process of making meaning, which draws upon both our innate creative instincts and our critical thinking resources.  We are all natural born communicators! Writing, reading, and thinking are skills we all can develop and refine!

If you want to be successful in the English courses I offer, YOU CAN BE!  I will share with you the knowledge and experience I have gained in over twenty-four years of teaching,and my commitment to your positive learning experience. Together with the resources available to us, and your willing and committed participation in the semester of work ahead, you can be successful!