Linda Williamson

Professor  Linda Williamson

Third year Doctoral Candidate - PhD. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Cognitive Science - Grand Canyon University
MA in Psychology - CSU, Sacramento
BA in Psychology - CSU, Sacramento
AA in Psychology - Yuba College

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Psychology
Human Development - both traditional campus courses and online courses
Child Development
Abnormal Psychology
Human Sexuality
Personal and Social Adjustment
Research Methods & Design I
Research Methods & Design II

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Certification Program (5 Course Modules):
Introduction to Psychosocial Rehabilitation
The Helping Relationship
Rehabilitation and Recovery
Community Integration
Fieldwork Seminar


      Although I am listed as "Linda"Williamson, I prefer my nickname, "Susie."   I have beenhappily married for 34 years and have four children; three sons and one daughter; two daughters-in-law, one toddler granddaughter, and a one toddler grandson!  I enjoy movies, the theater, zip-lining, exploring, family and friends.  I do not currently have any hobbies because I'm working on my doctoral dissertation!!  I guess that means learning is my hobby and psychology is my passion!

        My professional, applicable life experience include:

  • Working for the Anderson Police Department as a Youth Counselor/DARE Officer

  • Five years at Marysville Juvenile Hall as a Group Counselor

  • Team teaching Statistical Research Design at CSU, Sacramento

  • Adjunct Professor for over 9 years

  • Home school instructor for 12 years

  • Stage Director and coordinator of the Stone Ridge Christian High School Follies for 9 years

  • Presenter at seminars on: Domestic Violence; Child Abuse; American Psychological AssociationStyle (APA); and Destigmatizing Students with Mental Health Issues.

  • I've was also a presenter at the Mental Health Service Annual Event for four years.