Nicole Dorner

Nicole Dorner


Hello everyone, my name is Nicole Dorner!

 I am so excited to be a part of the Student Services family and help students on the Columbia College campus. A little bit about myself, I am a Columbia College Alumni and local to the Tuolumne County area. I love the mountain life and mindfulness that it embraces. I feel I can relate to the excitement and questions that students may have about transferring to a four year university after attending Columbia College because I have traveled this journey already myself. I transferred to California State University, Stanislaus to complete my Bachelors in Sciences Psychology degree. I also completed my Masters in Sciences Psychology with Emphasis in Behavior Analysis degree at CSU Stanislaus. I have a little over 10 years of experience in the psychology and child development fields. My background in these fields is very diverse. It includes: providing behavior intervention therapy to various age groups, diagnoses, and in different settings, crisis center counseling work, individual and group therapy to different populations, school-based counseling for elementary and high school students, and conducting Social Thinking groups to children/teens with social skill deficits. I am currently completing counseling hours for my Marriage and Family Therapy license while preparing to take my Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam. Aside from clinical work I have experience in behavioral research projects with animals; such as my thesis “Evaluating the Influence of an Established Social Relationship When Utilizing Model Rival Training with Domestic Canines”.

I enjoy discussing options about transferring to four year universities and different careers/research in psychology, social work, and child development fields. I love sharing knowledge that I have already acquired to help others accomplish their goals. Hope to meet you at an appointment or in class soon!