Elyse Elizondo

Elyse Elizondo


Hello and welcome! My name is Elyse Elizondo, and I have been involved in the realm of Communication Studies and Organizational Leadership in a variety of academic, corporate, healthcare, and public health environments over the last decade. I am excited to return to my education roots as a faculty member at Columbia College and San Joaquin Delta College this Fall, and contributing to a youth-focused Speech and Debate Academy in the Bay Area named Athen's Debate, who works in partnership with Harvard University. When I am not unraveling the mysteries of the universe (working), you might find me mastering the art of the perfect s'more by a campfire (don't put the marshmallow IN the fire--put it BY the coals!!!), conquering hiking trails with the enthusiasm of a puppy chasing its tail, playing Dungeons and Dragons with my daring level 20 Half Orc named Übermensch, attempting a valiant pursuit to discover the perfect chip-to-cheese-to-jalapeño ratio, watching theater or comedy, critiquing the canon, or serenading my houseplants with heartfelt renditions of classic rock anthems. 


Master of English Studies with a concentration in Rhetoric: Arizona State University 

Bachelor of Human Communication: California State University Monterey Bay

Associate of Communication Studies: Columbia College