Dan Gretch

Dan Gretch

B.S. degrees in both Chemistry and Biology, College of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT

Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Faculty member teaching chemistry, biochemistry, and biology

Wartburg College (Iowa)

Montana State University - Billings

Carroll College (Montana)

Columbia College

Research projects have involved:

    Molecular mechanism of cholesterol and fat release into the bloodstream

    Prion infectious diseases (chronic wasting disease and mad cow disease)

    Virus discovery and characterization (bacteriophages)

    Implementing new technology into laboratory courses


I was born in Great Falls, Montana, the youngest of seven.  My father was a college teacher and administrator.  My mother was a nurse.  (I grew up in a very service-oriented family)


Deonne (an oncology nurse) and I have 5 "children" in our blended family (plus one amazing grandson).  We love the outdoors, learning new things, new adventures, good friends, and making a difference for others.  I am incredibly excited to work with the faculty, staff, and administration at Columbia as we provide the best opportunities possible for our students.