Nancy Muleady-Mecham

Dr.  Nancy Muleady-Mecham


Doc Nancy

Dr. Nancy Muleady-Mecham is an Adjunct Professor here at Columbia College.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at Northern Arizona University with a Ph.D. in Biology.  I teach subjects in biology, anatomy and physiology and medicine, pathology, astronomy, and forestry and conduct research on Giant Sequoia ecology.  My passion is teaching and when I was approached by Columbia College, welcomed the opportunity to teach locally. 

I am a Fulbright Scholar, where I taught and conducted research in Siberia at Gorno-Altaisk State University.  I did research in protected areas throughout Siberia, taught biology, pathology and medicine, and evolution. I taught a bilingual class in Astronomy for the community and created the very first Astronomy Club in the Altai of Siberia.  I have also been the Biology Professor as a Visiting Lecturer for the Semester At Sea program where I taught Biology, Conservation, and Medicine around the world.

I am a retired National Park Ranger following almost 30 years in America's national parks as a naturalist and protection ranger. I have served for over 30 years as a National Registry Certified Paramedic, a Flight Nurse, and as a Board certified (in Emergency Medicine) RN and as a Registered Nurse in Level One Trauma Center Emergency Rooms.  I am a MICN (Mobile Intensive Care Nurse) and an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Instructor.  I served as a Search and Rescue Specialist (SAR) using High Angle Rescue, Swift Water, and Short Haul skills.  I served as a Structural Firefighter, Engineer, and Fire Captain on Structural Fire Brigades.  I also worked as a Wildland Firefighter and on an initial attack PTO Wildland Fire crew, and a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  I am a State of California Emergency Response Team Member.

I have been appointed by the Secretary of the Interior of the United States to the Central California Resource Advisory Council for the Bureau of Land management.

When not working on her research on Giant Sequoias she loves to backpack. She leads High Sierra backcountry seminars on horseback for Rock Creek pack Station. She has completed solo hikes of the John Muir and High Sierra Trails through the Sierra Nevada, hiked through the Alps on The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt, and is a Pacific Crest Trail section hiker.  She is the author of several books and peer-reviewed scientific research papers. She lives in the Sierra Nevada with her family.