Nancy Muleady-Mecham

Dr.  Nancy Muleady-Mecham


Doc Nancy

Dr. Nancy Muleady-Mecham is an Adjunct Professor here at Columbia College.

I am a retired National Park Ranger and have served for over 30 years as a National Registry Certified Paramedic, a Flight Nurse, as a Board certified (in Emergency Medicine), and as a Registered Nurse in Level One Trauma Center Emergency Rooms.  I am a MICN (Mobile Intensive Care Nurse) and an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Instructor.  I served as a Search and Rescue Specialist (SAR) using High Angle Rescue, Swift Water, and Short Haul skills.  I served as a Structural Firefighter, Engineer, and Fire Captain on Structural Fire Brigades.  I also worked as a Wildland Firefighter and on an initial attack PTO Wildland Fire crew, and a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  I am a State of California Emergency Response Team Member.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at Northern Arizona University with a Ph.D. in Biology.  I teach subjects in biology, anatomy and physiology and medicine, pathology, astronomy, and forestry and conduct research on Giant Sequoia ecology.  My passion is teaching and when I was approached by Columbia College, welcomed the opportunity to teach locally.  

I am a Fulbright Scholar, where I taught and conducted research in Siberia at Gorno-Altaisk State University.  I did research in protected areas throughout Siberia, taught biology, pathology and medicine, and evolution. I taught a bilingual class in Astronomy for the community and created the very first Astronomy Club in the Altai of Siberia.  I have also been the Biology Professor as a Visiting Lecturer for the Semester At Sea program where I taught Biology, Conservation, and Medicine around the world.

I have been appointed by the Secretary of the Interior of the United States to the Central California Resource Advisory Council for the Bureau of Land management for a three-year position in 2021.