Dr.  Spencer Potiker


I hold a BA in Economics and Sociology from CSU Long Beach as well as an MA in Sociology and PhD in Global Studies from UC Irvine. I love teaching students about the social structures in which we live and how through collective action and critical thinking we can make a positive impact on the world. 

Teaching and Research Interests: 

Political Economy, Globalization, Racial Capitalism, Racialization, Labor, Inequality, Social Theory, and Social Movements.

Selected Publications:

Potiker, Spencer Louis. 2023. "Exit-With-Autonomy or Autonomy-Without-Exit? Divergent Political Trajectories in Rojava and the Kurdish Regional Government." Critical Sociology 49(1):115-132

Potiker, Spencer Louis, Dana Williams, and Jake Alimahomed-Wilson. 2022. "Anarchist and Anarchistic Anti-Systemic Movements in World-Systems Perspective: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Non-State Spaces." Journal of World-Systems Research 28(2):188-218. 

Potiker, Spencer Louis. 2019. "Obstacles to Insurrection: Militarised Border Crossings Hindering the Rojava Liberation Struggle." Anarchist Studies 27(2):77-102. 

Alimahomed-Wilson Jake and Spencer Louis Potiker. 2017. "The Logistics of Occupation: Israel's Colonial Suppression of Palestine's Goods Movement Infrastructure." Journal of Labor and Society 20(4): 427-447.