Sean Osborn

Sean Osborn  MSW

Hello everyone,
I am the Interim Dean of Arts' Sciences, and Human Performance. I started this position in August 2022, and look forward to continuing to serve in this capacity.


Overall, I have had a long and varied career. For about a decade I worked in medicine. I was a lab technician and and emergency medical technician. Although I enjoyed my career in the health care industry it just wasn't the right fit for what I wanted to see in my future. I transitioned from health care to social work. It was during this time period when I went back to college and changed my career focus. I complete a Bachelor's in Anthropology and then immediately a Master's of Social Work. I spent approximately 14 1/2 years in social work. My first 9 1/2 years were spent in Child Welfare Services and my remaining years were spent in Adult Services.

Living in the Central Valley allowed me to travel easily around California. I would frequently visit Redding, San Francisco, Yosemite, Sonora, and Southern California. Traveling for me is a way of reflecting on my degree in Anthropology. Visiting new sites, meeting new people, and enjoying the diversity available around us. Both Yosemite and San Francisco are two of my favorite places to visit. Yosemite for the peace and tranquility and San Francisco for the hustle and bustle.

As for what I like to do for fun and as hobbies; for several years I was involved in archaeological digs in the central valley, having dug on a mammoth and on Native American sites. I absolutely enjoyed that time in my life. It was simply fascinating to me. I also played power volleyball for several years in the San Francisco Bay Area. During this time I played against pro players, Olympic players, and other high caliber volleyball players. I enjoy hiking, camping, and running. Although I am an absolute horrible runner. One of my favorite things to do is visit Disneyland and I go when ever I can.

I am a fan of the musical groups Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Postmodern Jukebox.