Adrienne Seegers

Dr.   Adrienne Seegers


Adrienne has worked for Columbia College since 1998. During that time she has been the Toddler Center Site Supervisor, Child Care and Foster Kinship Care Education Manager, Interim CTE Dean, and Child Development Faculty.  Adrienne earned a B.A. in Community Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz and a M.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.  She completed a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership in 2020.  Prior to working for Columbia College Adrienne held a variety of positions in the early childhood field including infant/toddler teacher, school age site supervisor, nanny, and co-op playgroup leader.

Teaching Child Development at Columbia College is Adrienne's dream job.  She enjoys learning with her students, teaching a wide variety of classes, and contributing to the high quality of education provided at Columbia.

When she's not doing her dream job Adrienne is an avid Mom, friend, skier, hiker and fiddle player.

Adrienne was proud to be selected as a Simms/Mann 2015/2016 Faculty Fellow. You can access her EdD dissertation here: